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Sep 4, 2018Fixes0 comments

One of the things that excites as a fixer, is learning new things. I guess that was why, as a kid, I was always tearing things apart to see how they worked, or to figure out why they weren’t working.

It wasn’t that I just liked fixing things (which I did), but I like learning how it was put together and what made it work. Over time, I got really good at figuring out why something wasn’t working and narrowing it down to exactly what was wrong and how to make it right.

Probably one of the most technical things I have fixed is my 1997 Mariner Outboard. I had an issue where the motor would bog down when you tried to go faster than an idle under load. Eventually, the repair shop figured out that it was low compression on one of the cylinders. He said the cost of fixing it would be more than what the motor was worth.

Ok… I’ll see if I could fix it myself. Over the next couple of months, I tore the motor completely down until I got to the pistons and figured out that one of the cylinders had broken rings, and the piston itself was bad. Thanks the diagrams on (boats.net), I ordered the parts, put the motor back together, and it has been working great ever since!

I tell you that story, not to toot my own horn, but to say that I love the challenge of learning something new and trying to figure it out. I want to know what projects you are working on, or what project you are trying to figure out. Maybe I can help, and learn something myself along the way.

If you have a project, or fix that needs done, leave a comment in the comment box below.

If nothing else, I would love to hear from you about what you might have going on, or what you’re toughest fix was.

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