How to Install Step Rails on 2006 F150

Apr 26, 201904-08 F150, Automotive, Fixes0 comments

I have been looking for a set of nerf bars (step rails) for my 2006 F150 for a while now.

If you’ve been watching the channel for any length of time, you know that I like to save money when I can, and if I can buy used I will.

I have looked at several step bars on Facebook market, but finally found a set of Westin Premier bars that seemed to be exactly for my truck. In fact, when I went to pick them up, the seller had the same truck as me (even the color).

He assured me that he had all the parts, so I bought them. Guess what? He didn’t. This video is me installing the bars, and explaining how I made them work without having the right hardware.

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*this is an Amazon affiliate link. it won’t affect your price, but I may earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.

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