How to Build A Gate For A Wooden Fence

Mar 1, 2019Fixes, Lawn & Garden0 comments

See how I built a 12 foot wooden gate that won’t sag.

I’ve been meaning to rebuild one of my wooden fence gates that is over 12 years old. I have a family member parking their trailer at my place for a couple of months, so it was finally time to go ahead and rebuild the gate. In this video, I show you how to build a 12 foot wooden gate that won’t sag.

The secret is the lap joints that make for a strong joint that will keep the gate from sagging for years to come.

Everything I used to build the gate I ordered from Amazon (except the lumber), so here is everything that you’ll need:

Wood Glue – Exterior :
Drop Rod: 
Pocket Hole Jig:
Oscillating Tool:
Impact Driver Drill:
Speed Square:
Hitachi Circular Saw:
The table Saw I Want:

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