Fix Early 2015 MacBook Pro Touchpad Not Working

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Just recently, I had an issue with my 2015 MacBook Pro touchpad and keyboard. Both the keyboard and the touchpad just stopped working all together. I did an SMC & PRAM reset which did not fix the problem.  Actually, it fixed it once, but then it stop working again the next day.  This is actually the second time this has happened on my 2015 MacBook Pro.

So, I did what any good “Fixer” would do, and I started googling the problem. It appears that these MacBook Pro models are notorious for this happening. There is a small ribbon cable inside that stops working. As bizarre as it is, the keyboard power button still works, but nothing else. The fix is to replace a small $11 ribbon cable.

So, I went ahead and found the item on Amazon and ordered a new one. Thanks to Prime, it arrive 2 days later and I was ready to go. Thankfully I had a bluetooth keyboard and mouse already attached to the MacBook Pro, so I was able to at least use the computer while I waited. 

The video above shows you the processes of opening the computer, disconnecting the battery, and replacing the cable. On a side note, I show you my 1TB SSD drive that I installed from OWC (other world computing). Its awesome and worth every penny. I have added a link to it below too.

Early 2015 Macbook Pro Retina Touchpad Keyboard Repair.

If your MacBook Pro Touchpad and keyboard stop working all of a sudden, then this video will help you repair it for under $20.

The ribbon cable inside the Early 2015 MacBook Pro is defective and can easily be replaced when you open the cover.

Here are links to the Amazon Items you will need:
Macbook Pro Retina (Early 2015) Touchpad Ribbon Cable
Macbook Pro Retina Pentalobe Screw Drivers

Also, here is the link to the 1TB SSD drive that I have in my Early 2015 MacBook Pro Retina:  OWC 1TB SSD

Notice: These are affiliate links, so they won’t affect the price you pay, but I will earn a very small commission if you purchase through these links. It helps support the channel.

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