DIY Paver Patio with Firepit

Jul 19, 2019Fixes, Lawn & Garden0 comments

Laying this DIY Paver Firepit was one of the hardest DIY projects that I have ever done. There was a tremendous amount of dirt that had to be excavated in order to prep the site for the pavers. Plus, the location of the paver patio once had a large tree stump. I was blown away at the amount of roots that had to be dug out.

Add on top of that, the difficulty in just getting all fo the shell base material in, level, compacted, sand in place, pavers moved… it required a ton of labor. 1 yard of sand is roughly 2700 lbs, and I had 3 yards of shell that I moved as well. I would venture to guess that I had a 100 or more wheel barrow fulls of dirt moved for this project when you include the dirt that I excavated to prep the site.

If you are looking for how to lay pavers, these videos will definitely help you. I’ve proven that 1 person can do it, but the best thing would be to have all of your materials on-site and ready to go so you can move from one step to another.

I would of course suggest that you get some of your friends to help you too. Buy them some pizza and beer and I’m sure they’ll give you a hand (at least for part of the job).

Here are some of the products that I used to put this all together. You can get these at Lowe’s or Home Depot too, but this way you can see what they look like.

Hand Tamper:
Line Levels:
Wheel Barrow:

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